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Team Statistics

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  Team Name Team Captain Donation Total
Bury the StoneCarrie Cobb$0.00
Essex High SchoolConnor LeBlanc$0.00
Fire and IceStanley Morse$50.00
FreePressMediaLeann Kosior$0.00
Get Your Sheet TogetherVictoria Nadow$351.00
Hallam-ICSBrenda Rose$45.00
Hallam-ICS 4Jacob Hillegas$25.00
Hallam-ICS TOOJohn Butterfield$25.00
Hallam-IntegratedPete Niarchos$0.00
Ice HawksMaxwell Pudvar$0.00
Killing WhitetailsJuergen Uhl$0.00
Krebs & LansingGreg Dixson$0.00
Lake Champlain ChocolatesJason Antkowiak$0.00
Merchants BankSarah Bauer$0.00
No MossLinus Goedken$0.00
Rehab JunkiesNatalie Bradford$0.00
Rice Memorial High SchoolRobbie McCormick$0.00
Rock 'n BluesJanet Richardson$375.00
Rock's RelishRodney Strong$0.00
Spruce Mortgage RocksLaurie Hill$150.00
Sweepin' with the EnemyMaggie Platzer$0.00
Switchback SweepersWilliam Cherry$0.00
Tech GroupSteve Loyer$0.00
The Red CansJeff Myers$0.00
The Salty DogsAndrew Stolberg$125.00
With All Deliberate SpeedWilliam Dodge$0.00
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